What forms of payment are accepted on TallyHoEvents.com?

TallyHoEvents accepts all payments through PayPal.  By doing this, we don't retain or even see any financial information from participants, other than acknowledgement that payment has been processed.  We prefer not to have access to or be responsible for storing any of this information for the protection of participants. 

If you don't want to setup a PayPal account, you can pay via credit card or debit card of your choice, but it will still be processed through PayPal and you'll be required to input your payment information for each transaction.

NOTE!:  Please DO NOT have someone else enter your dogs for you, or process payment for you.  We won't have any way to track or acknowledge the payment to match it against your account if there are any questions down the road, or a refund is necessary.  You can either setup a PayPal account, or use a credit, or debit card via the links provided when you sign up for each event.  Those are the only options.

IF you use a PayPal account with a different email address attached to it, then be sure to include that information in any correspondence with us regarding any changes to an entry already submitted.  Without the information linked to your PayPal account, we can't look into or process any changes for you.  It's frustrating to try to look into these and not be able to complete the task, having to then reach back out and ask for the PayPal account information.  Just be sure to let us know to avoid the extra work and delays in helping you.

PayPal charges a "convenience fee" for all transaction, which we pass through directly.  It's their fee, not ours and is non-refundable.