What does a Lure Operator do?

The Lure Operators role is to ensure dogs are run in a safe manner above all else and to try to get the best time possible for each run. Practice and experience leads to an understanding of various breeds and their tendencies, but also that not all dogs in each specific breed will run like all others in that same breed, or dog type category. Each dog is an individual and each individual may run differently under different conditions, or even during different runs on the same day. That’s what keeps this exciting for the Lure Operator! Having to observe and adjust on-the-fly, all while tuning out the multiple distractions occurring all around while a dog is running...

I prefer running the Lure from atop a ladder, which provides an entirely different perspective from the Releaser and the Catcher, who are watching from ground level and in-line with the Lure and Dog’s travel. Being atop the ladder and solely focused on the dog as it follows the Lure provides a unique observation point that provides a better vantage point. These different perspectives occasionally lead to different interpretations of what’s happening on the field and how a dog responds to the Lure. While it may look like a dog is close or far from the Lure from ground level and in-line with the dog and Lure, being on a ladder, aside the course, may provide a completely different observation.

If I get particularly good results on a run, I’ll often try to get the handlers attention to let them know what I did with the Lure for their future reference. It doesn’t necessarily mean running the Lure the same way the next time will result in another great run, but it’s more likely to help than not.