The Run-out / Catch Area!

Once your dogs run is complete, please leash your dog and exit the course quickly.  You can speak with the photographer over the fence after exiting, or with others waiting to catch their dog next if desired, but as long as the dog remains inside the fence, everything is on hold until your dog exits.  The Lure can't be returned for the next run until then. Were all waiting for you!  Dont hurt yourself or dog, or stress yourselves over it, but do please make effort to secure you dog and exit quickly.

It disappoints me to have to say this, but DO NOT ALLOW YOUR DOG TO PEE ON ANY EQUIPMENT, FENCES, GATES OR TENTS! The crew has to handle all these items and they are often transported / stored in people vehicles or homes.  This is just common sense, but we all know how rare that seems to be for many.