Preparing to Run

Be sure to warm-up and cool-down your dog before and after their run. The warm-up should include a walk that also serves as a potty opportunity, which may help avoid an embarrassing NQ due to elimination on the field during a run.

Eliminating on the field is so very unfair to dogs running after this occurs. It leaves a potential huge distraction on the field for subsequent runs, possibly causing more eliminations and NQ’s, or perhaps just hesitations in running and slower run times... WALK YOUR DOG just before entering the course! Seriously... do this immediately before running to minimize the likelihood of your dog eliminating on the course.  This is the single best thing you can do to avoid eliminations and subsequent NQ's and I'm often struck by how few people make a point of doing this.

Before crating after your run, ensure your dog’s breathing has returned to normal and they are fully cooled down and they have access to water. In Fast CAT, this typically doesn’t take too long for most breeds, due to it only being 100 yards. It’s still important however and neither the warm-up, nor the cool-down should be overlooked or rushed.