Do I have to create an account at to sign-up for events?

Yes, you have to setup an account to become a Member of  Setting up an account is very simple and involves providing all the information you would have provided in filling out a paper AKC entry form, necessary to accept and process entries and results.  It's important that you provide ALL of the indicated information and that you do so carefully to ensure it's accurate.  This helps avoid errors and resulting delays in processing entries and results.  We strongly encourage you to sign up for an account at least a day or two prior to the first event you want to enter, so you don't have to be rushed in typing in the required information.  Once you've done this, you won't have to type in this information again to enter events in the future.  A great convenience!  

When you go to the webpage to sign up for an event, it's recommended that you sign in to your account just prior to the event opening.  This helps you avoid the "Login To Enter" step that may pop up if you haven't signed in to your acount in awhile.  Once signed in, the process to enter an event can take less than 30 seconds, depending on your ability to identify and click on just a few selections related to which Event, which Dogs to enter, which Tests and which Run Blocks.  After that, you'll have to read and click to agree to the AKC legalese listed on Premiums and then process payments via PayPal.  Since you've already created a TallyHoEvents account and logged in to it prior to the event opening, you won't have to type anything to enter the event, but will only have to select from a menu of options available.  {Clicks required to enter each event:  Learn More / REGISTER NOW! / Dog Information / Test Information / Run Times Information / Agree To Terms and Conditions / PayPal.  It's as few as seven clicks (no typing required!) once you've setup an account, to enter an event.  It will be one additional click per additional dog and up to three additional clicks depending on how many runs you're signing up for on a typical two day weekend event.  Seriously, we couldn't make it any simpler!!!

Please be aware that Fast CAT has become very popular and events can sell out very quickly, depending on a variety of circumstances.  This is just like trying to buy tickets to a popular sporting event or concert.  It's first-come, first-serve.  The website logs submissions and processes them in order.  If you don't get in, it simply means there were more people trying before you than there were slots available.  Also, keep in mind that your clock saying a certain time, doesn't necessarily equate to the system time of the webpage.  We've added a clock to the entry screen that will assist in timing your entry, if you're concerned with submitting your entry at opening time.  Still, if you don't get in, it means others were just quicker.  

Please remember to be kind and understanding and keep the AKC's Sportsmanship requirements in mind!