Can I enter more than one dog at a time?

Yes!  We currently accept entry for multiple dogs during each submission.  We do have a limit however given the popularity of events and demand for entries to help spread the entries out and allows more people to participate with their dogs.  

If you have more dogs you want to enter, you can process another entry after the first one completes.  If you will be attending the event without competent assistance with you, we ask that you sign them up in an adjacent Run Block to allow enough time between dogs for them to rest and for you to go back and forth between the crating area and the course.  The purpose of spanning Run Blocks is to avoid having downtime on the course while we wait for someone to run back and forth with their dogs.  We don't want you or anyone else involved to rush or feel stressed.  Our goal is to keep the course moving safely and for everyone to have a great time!