Be Kind To Everyone!

Whatever happened to "Midwest-Nice"?! This is another tip I wish I didn't have to post, but it's sometimes shocking to see how mean and demanding some few people can be, either on-site, or online.  Sadly, once someone sees another person acting this way, it's easier for them to then follow suit and become less than kind to others.

Almost everyone working at an event are volunteers and nobody is getting paid to endure nastiness from anyone.  IF you have a problem with someone or something happening at an event, simply smile and kindly seek out the Secretary, or Chair, or Lure Operator and ask them for help or advice on how to handle the situation.  AKC has a Code of Sportsmanship ( ) that we will enforce at all events we are involved in.  Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated.  This includes but isn't limited to yelling, profanity, threats or any other aggressive behavior.

It costs you nothing to be kind and respectful, but it may cost you eligibility to partake in AKC events, if you can't adhere to this obvious and common practice.  Just be kind...