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Rescued Chihuahua becomes canine athlete
Ivy the Chihuahua may be tiny, but she is a survivor. Rescued from a dumpster as a puppy, the eight-and-a-half-year-old dog is a true Renaissance pup.
AKC Fast CAT Regulations and Regulation Updates
It is each participants responsibility to read and understand ALL the rules related to Fast CAT. The Rules and Rule Updates can be found at this location:  CLICK HERE
Conduct of Handlers / No Recalling
New rules issued by AKC related to "Walking The Course".  1)  Handlers are not permitted to travel down the course during or just prior to a dog being released for its run.  2)  A handler cannot recall their dog from the start line.  The exact wording is to appear in the Fast CAT® Regulations as noted at the indicated link.  These changes are effective November 1, 2022.  Download PDF Here
Have Good Sportsmanship Online - Not Just At Dog Shows
Good Sportsmanship applies online as well as while attending events!  Click here.